Workshop in Arithmetic Geometry
and Applications
University of Sydney
15 - 19 July, 2002

General Information

The Echidna workshop will focus on computational approaches in arithmetic geometry, covering arithmetic of curves, abelian varieties, and applications. The conference title signifies:
  • Elliptic Curves and HIgher DimeNsional Analogues; or
  • That uniquely Australian creature which follows ANTS.


Registration for Echidna should be indicated on the ANTS V registration page. Even if not attending ANTS, you can indicate your participation in Echidna and specify the dates of your stay from the ANTS registration page. There will be no registration fee.


Those who wish to make a reservation at the Women's College can do so together with the ANTS and Echidna registration. Other options for accomodation are available from the ANTS home page.


The list of registered participants is available. The programme of scheduled talks, in Carslaw 273.


For further information, please contact David Kohel at